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Delving into a World of Imaginary Adventure

From the innovative creators at Toca Boca, we have been bestowed with another marvelous creation - Toca Life World. This revolutionary storytelling and world-building game offers a captivating mix of creativity, exploration, and excitement. Seep in as we unfold the layers of this truly enchanting game.

Vivid Gameplay Experience: Where Creativity meets Adventure

Unconstrained by any premade narratives, players possess the freedom to create their own unique stories and scenarios. Whether it is running a salon, cooking breakfast, or caring for pets—you dictate your actions. This dynamic range of activities provides endless entertainment while fostering innovative thinking and imagination in players. 

In terms of visual appeal, Toca Life World deserves appreciation. Boasting vibrant and lively graphics, it embraces a simple yet appealing aesthetic which perfectly accentuates its cheerful nature. The characters are delightfully whimsical, with exaggerated features and colorful outfits, enhancing the game's overall charm.

The impressive variety of customizable characters, facilities, and settings fosters an immersive experience. You have at your fingertips numerous locations, like urban apartments, rural farmhouses, or seaside resorts. Coupled with an expansive collection of customizable characters, you have a robust toolbox for sketching out your unique creations.

Engaging Education: Learning While Having Fun

Breaking from traditional game narratives, Toca Life World aims to creatively stimulate children's developing brains. It effortlessly incorporates educational elements into the gameplay, encouraging users to learn skills like planning, decision-making, and problem-solving. Additionally, the game promotes the understanding and execution of daily life tasks.

Maintaining an ideal balance between playful elements and a sense of realism, Toca Life World stands out from its competition. The activities are designed to imitate real-life actions and events, but with a playful twist, further enhancing the overall engagement.


Gone are the days when games were all about racing, shooting, or score-chasing. Toca Life World has redefined the gaming landscape by inviting players to a world built solely on their imagination and creativity. With its incredible combination of freedom, engagement, and education, it triumphs in offering a truly captivating experience.


  • Encourages creative thinking and imaginative gameplay
  • Offers a vivid visual experience with charming graphics
  • Provides a robust variety of customizable locations and characters
  • Incorporates educational elements smoothly into gameplay
  • Strikes a perfect balance between realism and playfulness.


  • Some desirable features are only accessible through in-app purchases
  • Children may need parental guidance to make the best of the game's features.


Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world