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An In-depth Review of 'My Talking Tom'

'My Talking Tom' utilizes technology to present a unique, out-of-the-box friend that promises to keep company, entertain, and create endless fun for its users. As a game developed by Outfit7, 'My Talking Tom' represents an advancement in the mobile gaming industry, where you can adopt a virtual pet and interact with him as if he's real.

Taking Care of Tom

When you start playing 'My Talking Tom', you're given an adorable kitty whom you'll name Tom. The gameplay bases on raising this kitten into a full-grown cat. Just like a real pet, your in-game kitty needs food, rest, and comfort to stay healthy and grow. Packed with different foods, outfits, and furniture, 'My Talking Tom' provides an array of options to take care of your virtual friend's every need. However, some users might find the daily care of Tom a bit repetitive after a while.

The graphics of 'My Talking Tom' are incredibly appealing, featuring bright colors and cartoon-style assets that make it visually enjoyable for all ages. The movements and reactions are fluidly animated, making him almost lifelike, which undoubtedly engages players and builds emotional connections. On the flip side, the over-simplicity in design can sometimes make the game a little monotonous for seasoned gamers.

Interactive Features of the Game

'My Talking Tom' sets itself apart with its interactive features. You can play with Tom, poke him, and listen to you funny voice. Additionally, there are numerous mini-games embedded that ensure your engagement is always at peak. If there's a downer, it could be that advanced players may find these mini-games not challenging enough.

Interestingly, 'My Talking Tom' doesn't follow a specific storyline. Your progression reflects on how well you take care of Tom and his growth from a kitten to a cat. While this open-ended style of gameplay offers plenty of freedom, some players might prefer a game with a definite storyline and objective-orientated tasks.

The Last Word

'My Talking Tom' is an interactive game that both entrances and entertains its users. The ability to nurture and take care of a virtual pet offers a unique experience that is both rewarding and engaging. However, it may not appeal to everyone, as it lacks a structured storyline that many gamers crave.


  • Interactive and engaging gameplay
  • Visually appealing graphics
  • Wide range of mini-games
  • Freedom to customize and take care of Tom in your unique style.


  • Lack of a structured storyline
  • Daily caregiving tasks can become repetitive
  • Graphics and mini-games might not be challenging enough for advanced players.


My Talking Tom My Talking Tom