MultiVersus Developer Outlines New Dash Attack and Parry Mechanics

  • 27-04-2024 |
  • Christopher Jones

MultiVersus by Player First Games is gearing up for its official release following a successful open beta last year. The game is set to introduce an array of new characters, enhanced netcode, a Player vs Environment (PvE) mode, an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, and several gameplay enhancements that promise a more engaging combat experience.

One notable addition is the implementation of Dash Attacks, which offers players enhanced flexibility and creative potential in battles. By double-tapping forward and attacking, players can initiate these Dash Attacks, effectively using them both as a potent opening move and as a part of combo executions. Alongside this, the introduction of a Parry mechanic allows players to quickly counter-attack post-deflection, although it demands precise timing to succeed and can render a player vulnerable if mistimed.

The game developers are enthusiastic about the strategies and personal flair these new mechanics will introduce, hoping they enrich the players’ interactive experience.

Further enhancements include balance adjustments and new abilities for all characters who were part of the open beta, such as an upgrade to Harley Quinn’s balloons, which now cover a broader area and ascend. These tweaks extend to every movement of each character, enhancing the precision and impact of their movements, reflecting the meticulous design and effort put into character development.

To aid clarity in combat, MultiVersus has introduced color-coded outlines and icons, enlarged character visuals, and a more dynamic camera system. This updated camera functionality adjusts its focus and zoom based on the in-game action, offering a closer view during one-on-one fights and a broader view when the battle encompasses wider map areas. Additionally, unique animations and sound effects have been implemented to better signify a character's specific state during the game.

As MultiVersus prepares for its grand launch, these comprehensive updates highlight Player First Games' dedication to enhancing user experience and game interaction.