Delve into a Zombie Apocalypse with Innovative Game from Developers of 'Dave the Diver'

  • 01-10-2023 |
  • Christopher Jones

Think again if you expected the creators of Dave the Diver to release another equally mellow game. Instead, Mintrocket will be launching a PvPvE extraction shooter as their next project. 

Their new game, Nakwon: Last Paradise, mirrors other extraction shooters like Escape from Tarkov but with a twist. It incorporates elements of a survival horror game, populated mostly with invincible zombies keen on devouring your brain. Although you can incapacitate these zombies, you can never fully suppress their voracious appetite. 

According to the developers' description on Steam, there isn't a definitive win. The goal is simply to survive from one drop point to the next, collecting food and weapons along the way. It's your call whether to engage enemy players or evade them; the latter may prevent attracting zombie hordes and wasting precious resources.