How To Get Bee Armor In Smalland And Survive With Help From Drustana

  • 05-04-2023 |
  • Christopher Jones

Smalland has become a hot new survival game title, with users from all over the world really enjoying their experience within the miniature world. The game’s unique setting also offers players a chance to explore the forest from a microscopic perspective. If you’re a fan of games like Grounded and movies like Arthur and the Invisibles, then Smalland Survival is definitely worth playing. But beware, the world of Smalland is filled with many dangerous creatures. To survive, you’ll need the proper armor, and one piece - the Bee Armor - is one of the most important items. Fortunately, you can get it with a little help from an NPC called Drustana. We’ve put together this guide to help you obtain this powerful armor, so read on to learn more. 

Step One: Finding Drustana

Finding Drustana

Drustana is a crucial NPC in the game who can provide resources and aid you in your quest for the Bee Armor. She can also be found in the Wilds, near the river. To get to her, start by locating the river, then head north from there until you reach a clearing. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot a small campfire in the middle of the area.

Once you’ve reached the clearing, you’ll see Drustana in front of her hut greeting you. Make sure to talk to her and ask her questions. The more you talk to her, the more she’ll reveal to you about the Bee Armor and how to get it. 

Step Two: Collecting Resources 

Collecting Resources

In order to obtain the Bee Armor, you’ll need to collect some specific resources. While talking to Drustana, she will provide you with a list of these resources and explain why they’re important. This list includes rare flowers, unique stones, and other items that can be found around the world of Smalland. To start your hunt, take a look around and try to locate these items in the closest vicinity. Once you’ve gathered enough resources and returned to Drustana, you’ll be one step closer to obtaining the Bee Armor. 

Step Three: Crafting The Armor 

Crafting The Armor

Now that you’ve got all of the resources you need, you can start crafting the Bee Armor. Speak to Drustana again, and she’ll be able to guide you in the process. She will give you a few tips on how to craft the armor correctly, as well as provide you with the necessary materials you need to get the job done. Once you’ve crafted the armor, you should have a powerful piece of armor to help you survive in Smalland. 


The Bee Armor is an important piece of equipment that can help you survive in Smalland. With the help of Drustana, you can obtain the armor by collecting the right resources and crafting it yourself. Just remember to be prepared since there are many dangers out there in the Wilds. Hopefully, this guide has helped you on your quest to obtain the Bee Armor and survive in Smalland. Good luck!