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Sunday Rivals

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Sunday Rivals is a fresh take on the hard hitting, action-packed football games of the past. On the field, gameplay is tuned to be snappy and fun, rewarding quick thinking and creative players with dazzling open field jukes and bone crushing hits. Simplified rules, familiar controls, and a streamlined playbook make it easy for players of all skill levels to immediately jump in and have fun, while quick, addictive game sessions will keep you coming back for more.


You have full access to customize your teams, including stadium and grass colors, endzone text, individual player ratings, and a slew of appearance options down to what kind of facemask and socks a player wears. If it exists in the game now, you can edit it!


Lead your favorite team through a 4 game, single-elimination tournament while racking up points using a fantasy football-style scoring system. As you battle increasingly challenging opponents towards victory, your stats are tracked and saved, along with 8 additional scoring bonuses tuned for maximum performance! After the game, check to see if the fruits of your hard fought victory are good enough to be enshrined in the record books and celebrated for years to come.


  • Customization - full control to build your own leagues, teams, and players
  • Headhunter - fight for victory and high scores in a four game, stat tracked tournament
  • Exhibition Mode - play a game against the AI or versus a friend with a second controller
  • Custom Skill Level - tune sliders to find the perfect balance for your play style
  • 32 Teams - get ready to take on an entire league built for rivalries
  • Streamlined Playbook - quick access to plays gets you back on the field fast
  • Quick Games - no penalties and an accelerated game clock keeps the game moving


  • Season Mode - battle through 16 games, reach the playoffs, and win the championship!
  • Practice Mode - master your playbook on offense, defense, and special teams
  • Expanded Playbooks - build a playbook best suited for your team and play style
  • Team Strategy - AI will capitalize on their team's strengths while exposing your weaknesses
  • New Locations - additional stadiums with dynamic weather and time of day


Sunday Rivals Sunday Rivals
Sunday Rivals
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