KiKi's adventure review

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"Kiki's adventure"- this is a beautiful platform adventure game.

  • You will have many different magic skills;
  • If you eat the stone, you can restore your mana.
  • Destroy monsters or eat gold COINS to upgrade your weapon strength and health;
  • If you want to get through some place, you need to be serious about figuring it out.
  • You can ride horses and run across the grasslands.
And this game is not complicated, you will be very easy to challenge success.

"Kiki's adventure-lost promise" is the first chapter of the "kiki's adventure" series.
It consists of eight scenes, each with some new game element.
I hope you enjoy it.

The demo contains two levels

Ps: this is an indie game made by an old guy =)


KiKi's adventure KiKi's adventure
KiKi's adventure
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    1000 MB available space